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Amanda Crandall – UTICA, NY

Flooring Type: Vinyl
Product: 1.5mm North Perry Pine
Room: Basement

We recently moved into a new home and half of the basement had flooded years ago. The previous owner pulled up the carpet/linoleum that was previously in the basement and installed a new sump pump system. I used this vinyl plank flooring over the unfinished concrete floor as it was inexpensive and water resistant. I used a flat shovel to scrape down the overall surface, then swept and wet-mopped to prep the floor. A few lessons learned as I had not laid down this type of flooring before - you basically divide the room into even quarters and lay the planks down from the middle out. Had I understood the process better, I would have measured out from the wall a length evenly divisible by the width of the planks and started my “center” of the room from that, and not the actual center. As a result I would not have had to cut 1”-wide strips along both sides of the long length of the room (ideally doing extra cuts would only happen along one wall in my mind). Also, I was able to tuck the majority of cut ends under the existing molding along the floor, so I didn’t need to be super careful with most of my cuts. If you have a similar perk I highly recommend using tin snips to cut the planks - it was much easier than using a utility/carpenter knife. Due to the need to cut about 1” wide strips for the edges of the room, and not wanting to waste 1 plank per strip, I had to c-clamp the planks to a piece of wood with a straight edge to get a sharp, straight cut with a utility knife to cut each plank into multiple 1” wide strips as those cuts would be visible. But overall the only tools really required for installation are tin snips (you might be able to get away with good scissors), tape measurer, a square, pencil, and maybe the utility knife/c-clamps/straight edge if your edges will show. Also, the virtual picture feature on the website gives you an idea of what your room will look like, but the color is not true to the color of the planks. The North Perry Pine looked much darker in the virtual photos than the actual finished product. Overall a very easy install and I highly recommend.



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